It's iWeek

There isn't enough subjectively interesting content for a daily post. So here's a summary of the first week.

  1. I'm not any better at using the iOS on-screen keyboard than I am with the Android one. Not worse, mind you.
  2. Apple really doesn't like multi-nationals when it comes to apps. I use apps that are only available in the UK, alongside apps that are only available in Canada. With iOS, I have to pick a home. So, it will be UK until the move, then Canada after it (obviously). If I need a Canada-only app, I'll have to defer to a website.
  3. Family Sharing is a nice feature. I have a long trial of Apple Arcade and now Nick has access to it as well. He has an Ivory app subscription so I can use it at no extra cost. The true value will be when our respective Apple Music trials expire and we move to the Family plan.
  4. Speaking of Apple Arcade. Meh. Not much for me.
  5. Apple News is nice, on par with Google News, but I don't think I'd pay £9.95 a month for News+, especially if it doesn't remove the adverts. Not sure what I'd be paying for then.
  6. I don't have a need for iCloud right now, other than for Apple Music storage and device backups. No need to upgrade.

So, after a week, I don't hate the experience. Onward to a new week...