Day iOne

This is a slightly back-dated post as Wednesdays are really busy right now.

After a bit of back and forth with DPD, the phone arrived just before lunchtime. Because I'm impatient, I had to open it right away.

The phone, although sold as "Used - Like New", aside from the packaging you couldn't tell it was ever used. It had 30% battery left when I attempted to turn it on so I was able to start the set-up process.

I had a good look at the exterior and found no marks. I checked battery health and confirmed it at 100%. Nice.

First order of business was the software update, from 14.7.1 to 16.4.1. That took a bit of time. This was another sign this phone was not used very much prior to it being sold.

I have so many apps on my Android phone, I had to prioritise what to download first. Banking, being a top priority, came first. This being my first experience with Apple Wallet, I found it on par with Google Wallet (or whatever Alphabet is calling it this week). One downside to Apple Wallet is the inability to add loyalty cards directly. They can be added if the programme has an app and supports it. Not a deal-breaker. Tesco Clubcard and Nectar are covered.

More explorations in learning iOS in the next post.

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Dr Nick



@finallycanuck sounds like you got lucky with your eBay purchase, well done. Look forward to following the journey

Dr Nick

@finallycanuck Impatient. LOL! The word was invented to describe you.

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