Nothing's fine, I'm torn.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

My relationship with London is messy. Moving here in 2015 was a dream come true. It was a difficult start but not unexpected when you're in a completely new place and have to learn how to navigate its differences.

Over time, I met a great group of friends to make the experience much better. Now, I'm torn.

I find the UK is terribly corrupt, politically and morally. London was supposed to be my gateway to Europe. Then, in 2016, a bunch of ill-informed people decided the European Union was a bad thing and voted for the UK to leave it. On 31 December 2020, the gateway to Europe officially closed.

I'm eligible to apply for British citizenship in about six weeks' time. I'm not sure if I want it. It doesn't get my any better access to Europe than my Canadian citizenship does. I wouldn't have to give up my Canadian citizenship and that's a good thing. However, taking British citizenship in a way implies that I support its corrupt ways.

What are my choices? On the citizenship front, I can either apply for British citizenship or not. On staying in London, I can stay where I am and plod along in life as I know it. I can move further afield where it's more comfortable but still within access to friends and my current work. Going back to Canada is an option but that would mean starting over yet again. Lastly, moving up to Scotland is appealing because its politically a better environment with more competent leadership and a keen focus to return to the European Union. That would, however, still be a starting over because, whilst still in the UK, it will be too far for friends and work will be fine as long as I can still work remotely once the pandemic subsides.

Lots to continue to think about and certainly not something I can solve in one post.