Heavy topics

This past year, many people packed on added weight from being relatively sedentary. However, I've had life-long struggles with weight. I know what works for me and I've had previous successes. However, emotional issues play a much bigger role in weight management than what I put in my mouth.

You gain weight when you consume more calories than you burn. That's the whole thing distilled into one easy sentence. If emotional factors didn't exist, we'd all eat the minimal about to ensure a properly functioning body. However, for me and many others, there's always an occasion to eat. When I'm happy, I eat. When I'm sad, I eat.

Food and drink are comforting. That's twisted, but true. They are typically reliable and provide immediate satisfaction. That immediate hit is a big stimulant, albeit an unhealthy one.

I battle back some of the weight with exercise. In these crazy times, that is relegated to bootcamp online, twice a week. It's hard work but I do it. I know, however, it would be a lot easier when paired with an improved diet.

Journaling is a common effective approach but that's something that I've done in the past but I become lazy and give it up after a week or two. That's not something I'm interested in pursuing at this point.

As with everything, change needs to happen incrementally. That's the hard part. There is no immediate fix, only minor improvements. So, where do I go from here? Do I find one bad habit in my diet to change and monitor for a week or two, then address the next one? That's an approach. I'll need to compile a growing list of 'rules' for myself to follow.

I'll have to see what happens this time next week.

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