2021: Now what?

We say goodbye to 2020 and good riddance. A new year doesn't make things miraculously change. Change is something I must initiate.

So, what does that mean? Some milestone plans (3, 6, 12 months) sound like a good start. Goal-setting is always optimistic. I'm old enough to know what works for me.

Smaller achievements work better for me. Posting something here at least once a day is a small achievement that's acceptable. I took that approach with Duolingo for nearly four months last year before the motivation failed me. My hope is that was a failure in their product being compelling enough to hold my attention for the longer term.

There are decisions to be made, at home and with work. On the home-front, will life in the UK become unbearable as a result of now being unencumbered by a cooperative trade union? Will a move out of London be better overall in the short term to avoid having to move further and rebuilding?

For work, do I just get on with it, or look for pastures new...again? My work is not satisfying but it's low-stress (if I let it be) and pays decently well. What's more important? There's no work utopia out there I can see so, who knows?