Another click of the odometer

The end of 2020 is bittersweet for some many people. It's an end of a calendar, but not the end of a time. 2021 will begin as 2020 ended. The big difference here in the UK is life without the European Union.

The "Big B" comes to fruition at 23:00 GMT. Will this bring anything for the people who voted to leave? Will we all face hard truths about standing alone in the world? The coming weeks and months will tell that story.

When we moved to London in 2015, we never imagined not being "in Europe". The tectonic plates haven't moved. The UK is still geographically part of Europe, but politically, it's world's away.

Over five years in, my understanding of how conservative the UK really is have finally developed. It's scary in many ways. However, as also true in the US, there as glimmers of hope. Hope expressed in the people you interact with each day. Hope that the moral conservatives will age themselves out of society before influencing another generation to carry on their unhelpful behaviour.

If I am to resolve for anything for the new year, it's that I define my place in the world more clearly than I have before. The meaning of life is the biggest question. How I define it is up to me. Fingers crossed.

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