Getting ahead of myself

My brain is a bit broken. I guess all our brains are broken in different ways. In my case, I get obsessive about topics that hold my interest.

Take this site for example. It's a hobby. It's for me and no one else. No one is checking it to see if I've done it, if it meets a set of criteria, or for any other reason. I'm accountable only to myself, and only if I choose.

However, I find myself thinking about this little hobby project over and over again in my broken brain until it aches. If I weren't working this week, I'd spend hours and hours tinkering until I encountered a problem I couldn't solve. Then, I suspect I'd get frustrated and my anxiety would go into overdrive and either I'd abandoned the effort or get mad at myself for not knowing everything about everything.

My guidance to myself in this matter is to remember to take baby steps here. It's not perfect and won't likely ever be. Make a small change a day, even if that change is just the self-imposed daily posting requirement. No one asked for this. There is no deadline. If you make a mistake you can revert a change and start again.

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