What is this site?

Though we're nearing the start of a new year, this project is not the result of a new year's resolution.

The point of this, as of today and as such is subject to change, is to gather my thoughts in short- and long-form posts. Twitter is fine, but I've found that I've taken to it for ranting and banter. That's not always the healthiest of pursuits.

Will anyone see this? Who knows? That's actually okay. I don't need algorithms to determine if my words are meaningful. I don't require that validation.

Will I rant here too? Very likely, and you'll have to choose whether or not to deal with that.

The style of the site is very basic at the moment, but I own all of the content, including the code. No WordPress, no whatever-Google-is-doing-this-week blog platform.

In closing.

Happy New Year spelled out in Scrabble-like letter tiles

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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