Following the rules

(I'm back after spending a week in central Florida with the Mouse.)

For many reasons, rules can be purposeful or otherwise worthwhile. However, some people have difficulty following the simple ones.

Being a bystander when people break simple rules can be an interesting and sometimes frustrating experience. An example can be found, sadly, on just about any airplane flight.

Here's the rule:

Remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign.

This rule isn't terribly difficult to follow, right? Wrong. Wheels hit the runway and the plane slows to taxi to the gate and you can hear the sound of so many seat belts un-fastening. For these people maybe the seatbelt is a metaphor for being held against their will. I'm not quite sure.

This behaviour plays itself out in other settings as well.

On first read, you may think that these are the words of a do-gooder, of someone who is overly picky. That could be true to some extent.

Give this some thought: If a responsible adult can easily perform these cheats in their personal life, what will they do as your employee?

Come on. The risk is minimal...right?

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