Day Two

Day One was interesting. If you review the comments from yesterday's post, you'll learn that one of my two former employees gave notice that her last day will be this upcoming Friday.

I knew she had reservations regarding life on the team after I left. However, I didn't expect her to leave this quickly. I can only hope that I did not directly influence that decision as this places an undue burden on the remaining employee from my former team.

I left on Friday with the glimmer of hope that the Chief Operating Officer would take action to improve the department to a point where I'd be able to possibly return, if they'd have me. With this latest turn of events, my hope is stronger. I have great respect for the company I left. The struggles I faced are isolated to the small segment that directly affected my life.

This isn't the part where I "brown-nose" my way back in. That's not the goal. I want to work for an organization where I can make a meaningful contribution, albeit this organization or another one.

What will Day Two bring?